Friday, October 12, 2007

Potter Lawsuit on Calcutta Pujo: A bad taste

People are pathetic about respecting copyright laws. Every person photocopying textbooks, using pirated software, MP3 etc is as guilty as a thief and is a criminal in his/her own way. Saddest thing is we do not even realize that.
Having said that, I am pained to see what Penguin/Rowling/Warner-Bros have done. Filing a lawsuit against pujo-pandal is a grave mistake. A pujo pandal on harry-potter theme is a tribute to Rowling, not cheating her. Pandal visitors would have marveled at the potter items, that's all. If this is copyright violation then so is every bit of fan-fiction available on net. Every blog, every opinion which mentions the word harry-potter is copyright violation as these magic-words always generate greater footfall/eyeballs/clicks.
I like to believe Rowling is not responsible for this but her legal adviser in India is the culprit. Anyway, she must be held responsible for this action.
I do not believe that she is greedy. She has enough already. May be they are doing it as a matter of principle (respecting IP/copyright). If they manage to get 20lakhs (compensation asked for in the lawsuit) out of pujo-committee, possibly they will give it away for charity. However, I would love to see that charity-money being thrown back to them. To put it melodramatically, 'Oder mukhey chhuNRey maara uchit taaka gulo'.

Broken something is, deep in my heart.

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