Monday, September 17, 2007

Ram Setu, Freedom of Speech, Confusion

I am feeling ashamed as a hindu to see the mess being created over Ram Setu. ASI was cent percent correct. Ram is not history, Ram is puran. So today if a developmental project is being scuttled in name of Ram-Setu, tomorrow something else may be scuttled citing some mythological pretext. I am feeling so bad. Moreover, it is getting difficult to freely talk about this issue. If I voice my opinion, comments like "could you have voiced such opinion in saudi arabia about muslims", "pseudo secularists", "you third rate bong-commies" will be plastered upon me. If I voice it in a crowd, I may get bashed up. So, I am bothered by two issues:
  1. We hindus seem to be backtracking to middle ages. Blind faith is replacing reason.
  2. In spite of being democracy, free-speech is getting throttled.
The next thing is confusion. I am not able to align with a single political party which completely adheres to my views. I support BJP on many many concerns and issues. However, the stand they are taking on ram-setu, bashing-up-ahmedabad-art-college-student etc pains me.

Or may be this confusion is the right thing. This dilemma, hesitation and ambiguity is actually good for me? May be this will save me from being a fundamentalist (of any shade) some day. Life is clearly indicating to me - "Look Sambaran!! There is no complete solution/package. Every entity will have something which you like and which you hate"....

Confused very much, I am.

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