Monday, December 29, 2014

PK, Aamir-Khan and freedom-of-expression

The Hindus calling for a ban on filming PK are wrong. The people calling for ban are misguided. Freedom of expression has a long way to go in my country. I have written about similar topics earlier here,  here,  here here,  here  and hereI am getting repetitive but so are the troublemakers. The same 'sin' of curtailing freedom is happening in India repeatedly.

Last time I liked watching Aamir was in Dil-Chahta-Hai. Post that, Aamir the actor has became too preachy for my liking. Satayam-Ev-Jayate is brilliant in parts but Aamir's presentation always sucks. His tears look yuck, his shocked-expressions look yuck.
I am disturbed by the hypocrisy of Indian media in depicting religious insanity. Everybody shoots by keeping the gun on Hindus' shoulders. It is always Hindus who are superstitious. It is always Hindu god-men who are lecherous. Bengali media is more guilty of such one sided depictions. As a Bengali-Hindu I feel extremely angry about it. Such hypocrisy arises primarily out of fear. Many muslims react violently if their faith is criticized and hence the media takes an easy cowardly way out.
I feel happy that many Hindus take the jibes against their faith constructively. Hinduism is a work in progress like any human endeavor and I feel good about it. I feel irritated when some Hindus take the violent way out. I have not watched PK because of my distaste of Aamir Khan. I also feel irritated on seeing a one-sided-bias against Hindus. HOWEVER, I will never burn PK posters or ask for a ban on the movie. I will request the folks gunning for PK ban to see the light of reason and stand back. Do not watch PK if you do not want to but please do not stop those who want to.

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