Saturday, March 22, 2008

Taslima Nasreen; Bengali Lajja

Taslima has been virtually kicked out. Bengalis do not seem to mind. Any criticism of muslim fanatics who caused this ouster is always balanced with how-MF-Hussein-has-been-treated or how ungrateful-taslima-is. Not being able to condemn the ouster unconditionally seems like cowardice to me. Afraid of what? May be physical violence? May be afraid of being called communal? Shame!! We bengalees have bent down before muslim rioteers. I am so disturbed by these chain of events that I am finding it difficult to concentrate on my day to day work.

Shedding my narrow bengali perspective and donning the indian hat, as an Indian I feel a little less coward though. At least the indian government extended Taslima's visa, although the step proved more symbolical. However, Indian government does not understand/believe/appreciate freedom of expression. India is not a land of free-expression, at least not yet.


Anonymous said... friend....don't get carried away....u know everything boils down to 25% concentrate on your work....write good blogs....enjoy the historic good food....inhale freash air and wait for take the next step.

Unknown said...

Well two things happening in the most happening place of the world. One is Indian economy which is bringing progress to every one and second is Indian politician and politics, that's brings disgrace as much as possible in all aspect of life. Politician only look for their vote bank. Any thing is correct and tolerable to them if it results in increase in vote count. Events like Taslima Nasreen is few of the most visible disgrace happening in Indian life now.

Anonymous said...

Very true, Bengali lajja indeed to deport such a great lady. She only spoke against what is happening unfair to the hindus in bangaldesh and she only spoke for the women.
It is pathetic that a party headed by a woman would carry out such a shameful deportation while ignoring the many illegal bangladeshi immigrants.
The lady still plans to return and that is something very great.