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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Varsha Bhosle

I started on internet around 1998. I was introduced to Varsha Bhosle's writings around that time. It was through her columns in rediff. She was a fireball. There was no hypocrisy in her writings. I had never read anything like that before. She did not bother about being politically correct and that was very rare then.
There was a statement in one of her blogs which has become the guiding light for my voting strategy.
" Aap mujh se chhoti hain isliye main aap ko ek salah doonga. Kabhi bhi, chaahe koi bhi party ho, aap issues ko dekh ke hi nischay kijeeye. Aap candidate ko dekh ke vote deejiye. Ideologies disappear when they are given the seat of power."
Ironically, the statement was not hers, but Rajesh Pilot's whom she was quoting in obituary column.
I can only imagine her pain, which drove her to suicide. It would be incorrect to say that I WILL miss her. I started missing her from the day she stopped writing her columns in rediff. That was a long time ago.

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