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Friday, June 09, 2017

Machines are coming!

I like to believe that AI and robots will create so much food/clothes/homes/gadgets, that cost of living will go down to zero. All of humanity will be able to get every material-need satisfied, freely and effortlessly.

However, humans need something more beyond materialistic-stuffs. We need entertainment, sense-of-purpose, joy-of-overcoming-hurdles. Many a times I curse my daily struggle for the stress it creates. Ironically, the same struggle gives me a sense-of-purpose. It is the same struggle that gives me joy-of-overcoming-hurdles. It is the same struggle that tires me out and primes me up for entertainment and relaxation.

I guess that challenge will be to get these extra-materialistic needs fulfilled when machines are providing us with all our material-needs.

I like to believe that our psychologists and philosophers will find a way out.


Anonymous said...

somtimes, I have just walked over to the shop, just because I am tired of online ordering. Many things cant be done online, like checking expiry dates of egg, milk and bread. I always get the sense of victory while sorting out the milk containing the best expiry date. cant do that online

Browser 11 said...

"...that cost of living will go down to zero." Are you serious? Could you please on this how that is a possibility. Thanks.

Sambaran said...

I was partly serious on that. I thought that when robots will start farming, weaving and constructing, prices will fall drastically. I told 'zero' to drive home the effect.

I would like to know what you think will become costly in future, in spite of the automation.