Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ice vs Rice bucket challenge

In the Indian context, Ice-bucket-challenge is a fun exercise. ALS is not on our problem radar. Celebrities are using it as fun and we laymen are enjoying the show. Here goes Akshay Kumar with his ice-bucket-challenge.

On the contrary, rice-bucket-challenge is disgusting. One needs to make a show of his/her charity. You need one gratified looking 'needy' person and then you need to flash your magnanimity to the world. If I would have been that needy-person, I will go to the end of world before accepting such dignity-trampling-charity.
Picture courtesy The Hindu

I am still far from terming charity as a vicious vice. However, ethically speaking, charity is an extremely tricky business.
Ice bucket challenge, although being silly in Indian context, at least does not trample on anybody's dignity.

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