Saturday, June 02, 2012

Aamir Khan, Satyameva Jayate and Me

I have watched 4 episodes of Satyamev Jayate. I am loving it because all the topics have been close to my heart. Coincidentally, the first four episodes align with my views and concerns as well. I hope I will be able to like the show even if the show projects an opposing view.

Sometimes though, a few things do seem awkward. Amir Khan's dialogue delivery jars once in a while and he sounds preachy. Sometimes, the victims/survivors are awkward in front of camera. I do not like when they show the audience wiping tears or exclaiming shock. I switch off when the song starts towards the end. However these negatives fail to dampen the entertainment I derive from the show.
Yes, 'entertain' is the right word. The show does entertain me. I itch to share my thoughts about the topics highlighted in the show. I share my thoughts with my wife, with my friends who care to listen, and of-course this blog. For a while I forget my personal worries. I have also sent a couple of SMSes for topics I felt strongly about. I am not a habitual TV-show participant. The last time I responded to a TV-programme was when I sent a postcard to Surabhi (The Siddharth-Kak/Renuka-Shahane show). So this show has indeed stirred me up.
So thank you Aamir Khan for using your celebrity status. Yes, some/most(?) topics are cliche but the underlying problems are still plaguing us. It would be unfortunate if we stop talking about an unsolved problem just because it does not sound smart anymore.

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