Friday, February 24, 2012

Mercury in Compact Fluoroscent Lamps(CFL)

CFLs contain mercury which makes them hazardous to dispose. Once a CFL reaches end-of-life, dumping it in general dustbin is a dangerous thing to do. Mercury getting into food chain is bad.
In India, it will take a while before mechanisms to recycle CFLs materialize. Till that time, users can store the used CFLs at home. A small box should do, as CFLs last long and it is unlikely that an average household accummulates a truckload of used-CFL.
My consciousness about this issue has been raised by following links:


Srinivas Muthadi said...

Good suggestion. We are simply oblivious to the dangers posed by mercury to our health.

Sambaran said...

And the bad part is that, if something is not done, our landfills are going to get poisoned with mercury. Scary scenario indeed.