Friday, May 07, 2010

Conduct of Ujjwal Nikam (public prosecutor in case against Ajmal Kasab)

Advocating against Ajmal Kasab may not have been an easy job in spite of mountains of evidence against him. The case took more than a year to complete. This implies that there has been a lot of hard work on part of public prosecutor (Ujjwal Nikam and his team).
However, I am getting uncomfortable watching the conduct of Ujjwal Nikam in front of media. I can not express myself better than what Times-Of-India did in last paragraph of its editorial. I quote:
However, a few niggles regarding Kasab's trial remain. One of the main ones is the conduct of the prosecutor, Ujjwal Nikam. By all accounts, his statements, both in court and to the media, have been rife with hyperbole and strident almost shrill denunciations of Kasab. It is a pity that he felt the need to grandstand in a case where sober understatement would have served far better. The enormity of the 26/11 attack speaks for itself; to dramatise it is to trivialise it.
You can read the Times Of India editorial here:


shyam said...

for once i could agree with the times of india.

Anonymous said...

I feel that as long as its not a contempt of court and the judge is not swayed with drama, it should not matter. In case, the judge does get influenced, then it just shows he is incompetent.

Sambaran said...

@Droom. Cannot agree more with you. Judge Tahaliyani's conduct seemed really good.