Sunday, April 04, 2010

Media is Rita Skeeter

In the link(, Rajdeep Sardesai lamented how the visual media might be behaving irresponsibly. He had given three case-studies where media should have behaved differently. First one was 26th Nov 2008 terrorist attack on India. Second one was related to reporting of2009 polls. Third one was regarding media's hysterical reporting regarding India bashing in Australia. My reply to the topic is here:

I see that Rajdeep has given 3 case studies. Allow me to present a 4th one. Chetan Kunte retracts his blog and publishes an apology to NDTV & Barkha Dutt. Blogosphere explodes with indignation. Not a single 24 hour news channel (including CNN(BN) reports this issue. The chetan-kunte episode was very controversial giving lots of juicy and righteous debating opportunities. Surprisingly not a single news-channel takes it up. Was it a conspiracy of silence?

However my message to Rajdeep and his ilk of 24-hour-news-folks... Relax! Your high pitched reporting and other drawbacks are not something which can be overcome. These are integral part of your job definition. Your job is to entertain us and you do that quite admirably. Your job is also to make a living and money for your employers (like all honest people do). As Rita Skeeter once said to Hermione "The Prophet exists to sell itself, you silly girl". So Rajdeep and gang, do not indulge in mea-culpa. You folks are acting quite natural and there is nothing to feel guilty about.Some of my thoughts (not exactly related with the topic though) are at

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