Sunday, March 18, 2007

TATA at Singur is absolute must for bengal

Unlike some other big states of india, west-bengal is heavily populated. If a company has to buy land by negotiating with each owner/jotdaar/borgadaar in a place like west-bengal, it will become a very long process infested with myriad litigations. I believe west bengal can not afford this delay. Our (bengalis) back is pushed to the wall. We are forced to migrate out of our state. This migration is at every level. Right from the software engineer to the construction worker. It pains me when I see a construction-worker living in very poor condition. The construction worker would have been living a higher quality of life if he was able to stay back in bengal and do the same job. At least his expenses for lodging/family-ties would be saved. It pains me when I see that so many nithari-killing victims are helpless bengalis. (Come on, flame me for being a provincialist. I would have felt bad for any language speaker, but pain of a bengali affects me more). This is why I am whole heartedly supporting buddhadeb in whatever he is doing.
Purulia/bankuRa would have been better sites. Let them be the next in line. Let the roads come up first then we will go to purulia/bankuRa. For now, let us not stop singur/nandigram. If once investment flies, it will not comeback easily. Look at the comment sections of rediff. There are a bunch of people out there waiting/hoping for west-bengal to fail, so that TATA goes to their state. Singur/Nandigram roll back will be a PR disaster for bengal. No bengal lover should be happy if TATAs go back.
Don't agree with me? Do talkback to this blog post. I want to listen to reason.

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sdsd said...

I agree with you in most parts but, couldn't justify semi-denial of ownership of the property. We bengalis surely are in pain and want to get rid of it. Surely we want to roll and can't wait for that. But, can I justify my act of killing someone just beacause I am in a little hurry....probably not!

I didn't even hear any alternative thought. I read about modern war driven primarily by economic reason. Even though I don't completely agree with that, but this incident certainly a proof of the fact.

TATA /click/ is absolute must for bengal but, not sure whether it has to be at singur.